They – Poetry Submission

They won’t stop
They keep on talking
Swirling around the assurities of my mind
Twisting every hopeful memory
They’ve dug a hole and put me in.
Oh the tortures of darkness
I’m dying of starvation
Save me from this hell.
Clouds fill up with water,
But drought engulfs the plains
They are the enemy
They must be destroyed
But they are my best friends
I welcome them.
No need to see
Blindness is safer
No need to feel
Compassion is weak.
They’ve taught me everything I know
I thank them.
A noose is tied about my soul
And it musn’t come free.
They must not stop
They keep me strong
They keep me living.
I can’t let them go
I can’t be without them
It hurts
But I feel no pain
It rips
But I hear no sound.
They cause all of it,
But I can’t let go.
They have a hold of me,
And I don’t want them to leave.
Save me.
Leave me.
Love me.
Hate me.
They do.
They are always right.
Listen to them,
They have the answers.
They scare me,
They comfort me,
They help me,
They are me.

— Copyright © 2001 Marie W.

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