Very Very Scared People

These are some fantastic images taken from a haunted house ride in the US Canada (;

I laughed so hard when I saw these and I keep imagining how terrible those people must have felt. Definitely, when I’m coming to the US Canada I’ll be giving these guys a visit. In comparison, the house of horrors from London (next to the London Eye) was a joke. I went in laughing and I came out laughing even harder with one of the zombies caught on to my leg. I was walking and dragging this guy after me on the floor. It was real fun! And I keep remembering this guy who went in with his girlfriend looking all big and strong and he screamed like a pussy in the middle of the house. Plus I trolled the girl I was with 😀 we were supposed to put our hand in some boxes to find a key and they had pictures of bees, snakes and tarantulas on the top of the box. The box itself was pitch black so you could not see what was in there.

I put my hand in and I screamed like I had been bitten. :)) All the other people started screaming as well grabbing their hairs. :)) The girl I was with, poor thing, nearly died in there! And there were these guys sitting on some scaffolding trying to touch my hair. I think I slapped one’s hand. I don’t like people going next to my hair unless they carry some scissors or a comb 🙂

Either way, enjoy the show:


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