When You See These People – You will want to say OMG!

Best way to proceed when meeting one of these people is taking a picture and using it to show your parents that this is your new date (boyfriend or girlfriend). Most of these were taken in Romania, but there are some with Americans as well (you can do the guessing).

Naked woman running on the streets

Naked woman running on the streets

The following two would win a prize in an uglyness contest

Ugly ass bitch

Hey dad, this is my new Girlfriend

mona lisa of the gum people

Hey dad, my new girlfriend. She has a wonderful smile, no?

Let’s not forget the men!

Mc Donald's dad

McDonald's dad

Grandpa in a shopping bag

Grandpa in a shopping bag

Or these beauties:

Prince charming

Prince Charming

Felix - my only love

Felix - my only love

laughing ugly blokes

Please don't laugh!!

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Written by theFerkel