A biker and a cop

A guy was riding his Hyabusa at 95 on the M62, when he noticed a jam sandwich coming up behind him.

The patrol car flashed him and put on the blues.

The rider wound on the throttle and got up to 110, the copper was still there, he wound it up to 130, still the copper was there. he wound it up to 150, still the copper was there. To cut a long story short this went on until he was doing 195. By now the biker decided it was a fair cop and pulled over on to the hard shoulder.

The copper got out and said

“Look mate it’s five minutes to the end of my shift, I’m tired and I’ve already got a pile of paperwork give me one good reason why I shouldn’t book you.”

The biker replied

“To tell the truth my wife ran off with a copper last week and I thought you might be bringing her back.”

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Written by theFerkel