Do you pee in the shower?

After the Übermodel Gisele Bündchen recommended on her official website, that people should pee in the shower to save water, different discussions of whether it’s right or indeed ecological sprung up.

On the internet, it surpassed the topics and turned community on social networking sites. Blogs and social networks, the campaign has received thousands of comments. Controversy aside, the beautiful statement of the resumed discussion on the water we sent away as soon as the switch-on of the flush valve.

Last year, the SOS Atlantic Forest began a campaign on the subject. The NGO estimated that each pees five times a day on average and the flushes add up to 12 liters. Fabiano da Veiga product engineer recalls that discharges manufactured after 2002 must meet the Brazilian legislation determines an expense of 6.8 liters of water.


Do you pee in the shower?

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The stammering TV Presenter

maxresdefaultA man is being interviewed for a job as a TV news broadcaster and does well, except he keeps winking and stammering as he speaks. Finally, the interviewer says, “Although you have a lot of the qualities we’re looking for, I’m afraid that we can’t hire someone who winks and stammers all the time.”

“Oh, that’s no problem,” the man replies. “If I take a couple of Aspirin, I’ll stop winking and stammering for an hour.”

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Mr Cat * Jokes

lolcats-lol-cats-2650610-350-315.jpg (350×315)“What happened to your cat? He was running around the whole village like the devil was on his tail.”

“Well he got castrated yesterday and now he’s canceling all his dates.”

Emergency call at the police station:

“Please come quick. It’s a life and death situation. Our dog has become very aggressive. He might do something to me.”

“Who is there?”

“The cat.”

A cow says to a small kitten, “Look at you, so small and already such long facial hear.”

The kitten cooly replies, “Yeah, look at you, so big but still no bra.”

A Chinese student is looking for an inexpensive room to rent. He finds one, but the owner warns him, “Yes, you can have the room. But we have a dog and two cats. I hope you like them.”
“No problem,” beams the student, “I’m happy to eat anything!”


Sonate d’automne – poem from movie with Ingrid Bergman

Summer sleeps lazyly in the sunset
When Autumn takes the lead slowly
The clouds creep sadly in a grey velvet
And the thrush sings low and lonely

I hear rustle ot death in the bare forest
And the sound of the wailing dying wind
I see motion upon the lake.the deepest
A dismal sonata that life is going to sing

A hazy mind was beholding that show of emptiness
In a state of despair and ''gone are the happy days''
when the  swallow breaks the time in broad loneliness
and the lake takes its image in the sunset rays

The life of Autumn means '' FALL'' and sadness
When you live your last days in the month of October
Melancholia.dullness.loss and more madness
If you.no more want to live.i think.it's now or never

Penny Dreadful season 3 ep 1 – Best character description ever


Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (season 3, episode 1). – Photo: Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: PennyDreadful_301_1052

Vanessa Yves: “…but, don’t you want to know what’s wrong with me?”

Psychologist: “I already know what’s wrong with you.

You’re unhappy. You’re isolated. You think you’re the cause of this unhappiness and are unworthy of affection so you’ve few friends.

Recently you lost something you think very important.  Your lover, your faith, your family, or all three.  You blame yourself for this, so it makes you neurotic, and you don’t sleep and don’t eat anything healthy anyway. Continue reading