Pictures from ComicCon London (Saturday)

Been to Excel London yesterday and took a few snaps of the people and the costumes :)
Having a 20x zoom camera also helped in getting a few candid shots of the best costumes in the zone.


Neville Longbottom, you may spank my round bottom

neville-longbottom-year-one-580x406 Neville Longbottom Syndrome (noun)-when a male actor who was not known for their good looks in their youth, wakes up one morning and is smoking hot. This syndrome can strike at any second and often times takes the world by surprise. Symptoms include magazines suddenly writing articles about the victim, flocks of screaming girls tracking the affected, or the sudden appearance of five o’clock shadow. We all know that puberty is a thing, but who knew it could turn a bunch of funny looking kids who made us cringe when they did silly things on TV and movie screens into drop dead gorgeous adults?
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Max Max Fury Road – The Blood Donation Run

Gosh darn it, Hollywood, if you want more people to donate blood to the Red Cross, you should have just said so!

Instead, we learned from the man of few words, Tom Hardy, that you can still look cool and save a few lives by shedding some blood. Either voluntary or not.


Seriously, I counted about 8-9 lines for him during the entire movie. Am I wrong? He mostly grunted while being tied up or wearing the “Bane” mask (lol)

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The Manole Maester and Hitobashira

Earlier today I was wasting some time on 9Gag and I came across some really nifty Japanese horror tales. As I was scrolling through them enjoying some ice-cream, I came across the story of Hitobashira:

Tales of “human pillars” (hitobashira) — people who were deliberately buried alive inside large-scale construction projects — have circulated in Japan since ancient times. Most often associated with castles, levees and bridges, these old legends are based on ancient beliefs that a more stable and durable structure could be achieved by sealing people inside the walls or foundation as an offering to the gods.

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I love Bioshock Infinite

Concept artist Ben Lo was kind enough to share with us some of the concept art he created for BioShock Infinite. Ben created many environment designs including early concepts for the district area of Finkton. To see more great concept art and illustrations from the guys at Irrational Games make sure to check out The Art of BioShock Infinite.

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