Guardians of the Galaxy or the story of the one-liner tree and the Rocket

I have recently seen the wonderful Guardians of The Galaxy and it was a shock to me as I have never read the comics and not seen any movies like it.

The movie is a wonderful line-up of super-heroes and it has been wonderfully summarized in this YouTube video.

If you have seen the movie, you know there is a fake “Hodor” in it that is called “Groot” and the only thing he can say is “I am Groot!”. Vin Diesel was great in delivering this line in such a variety of tones as to give the character an inquisitive demeanor, an aggressive one or even a loving one.

Groot is a Flora Colossus from Planet X, the capital of the branch worlds. The Flora Colossi are tree-like beings whose language is almost impossible to understand due to the stiffness of their larynxes, causing their speech to sound like they are repeating the phrase “I am Groot” .

I am Groot!

What I loved about this character was his ability to create fairy lights. I have never seen a tree – even a fictional one – be able to do this. The trees from Lord of the Rings are slow to talk and slow to walk, ancient beings of old – and the best they could do was throw stones. But this ability of Groot is just magic:


The second character I have found most appealing was Rocket, a bounty hunter who just happens to look like a raccoon.

Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy

However, in a promotional interview with, Perlman revealed that early drafts of the Guardians screenplay didn’t involve Rocket at all. In fact there was some debate about whether to include the character at all.

“There was some question about whether Rocket should be a member of the Guardians,” she explained. “We had some back and forth about it because there was a little bit of a fear that he would come across as cartoonish because he’s a raccoon, so the first few drafts didn’t have Rocket.

It’s really good that they decided to leave Rocket in. He’s such an angry little guy but his heart is in the right place. It’s because of him that the lovely planet does not get destroyed and his ability to think and plan quickly has helped the team escape a prison and then plan a hit on a Goliath of a ship.

Friendship is magic, but you know what’s even more magical? Inter-species friendship. More specifically, the friendship between a rodent and his giant sentient tree friend.

I cried when Groot gave his life to save his friends from the burning ship and I felt devastated for the little furry guy as I knew he was his best friend in the whole wide world.
This is when I saw him potting a branch of Groot I thought he went a bit nutty as there is no way a tree would grow from just a burn-out branch.
But Groot is true to his name and took root in the tiny pot.

I was smiling again at the end and this is all due to the little baby Groot dancing in his placed pot and then freezing whenever he is looked at.

Fun in the sand

A flea had oiled up his little flea legs and his little flea arms, had spread out his blanket, and was proceeding to soak up the Miami sun when who should stumble by on the beach but an old flea friend of his.
“Oscar, what happened to you?”, asked the flea, because Oscar looked terrible, wrapped up in a blanket, his nose running, his eyes red, and his teeth chattering.
“I got a ride down here in some guy’s mustache and he came down here by motorcycle. I nearly froze my nuts off,” wheezed Oscar.
“Let me give you a tip, old pal,” said the first flea, spreading some more suntan oil on his shoulders. “You go to the stewardess lounge at the airport, see, and you get up on the toilet seat, and when an Air Florida stewardess comes in to take a leak, you hop on for a nice warm ride. Got it?”
So you can imagine the flea’s surprise when, a month or so later, while stretched out all warm and comfortable on the beach, who should he see but Oscar – looking more chilled and miserable than before.
“Listen,” said Oscar, “I did everything you said. I made it to the stewardess lounge and waited till a really cute one came in, and made a perfect landing and got so warm and cozy that I dozed right off.”
“And so?” asked the first flea.
“And so the next thing I know, I’m on this guy’s mustache again!”


The Parkour Cat

A video clip with a cat from Coolangatta – Australia has become viral on YouTube, being seen by half a million people in only three days.
The uploaded material belongs to Robert Dollwet who presents the adventures of his cat Didga.

Two years old, the cat loves an adrenaline rush, performing all kinds of extreme jumps.
Rober Dollwet says that he adopted his cat when she was only 13 weeks old and even from that young age he could tell that she was a daredevil.

You can see her in the video below:


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Ruby Sparks and Her

I’ve seen two good movies this weekend, both about a man’s search for his ideal woman and his inability to find one in the real world.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Ruby-Spark-PosterRuby Sparks is about an author (not very good author in my opinion) who is much like an introvert and has difficulties getting a girlfriend. He comes across a typewriter and decides to describe his perfect woman. Soon after, he starts finding traces of her through the house and suspects his friends are playing a prank on him.
It’s not a prank and the typewriter – magic typewriter – has made the woman of his dreams real.
ruby-sparks-image-1Her name is Ruby.
She is funny, witty, sexy, always in for some fun – the total opposite of him. She is outgoing while he is an introvert, she is chatty, while he likes to be silent in his world.
To test the typewriter’s power, he does a few changes like “Ruby speaks French and is not even aware of it” and indeed, Ruby speaks fluent French. He is happy for a while and the typewriter is forgotten but as he reads and escapes into his own world, she finds herself bored and starts going out, making new friends and taking art classes.

He misses her and their relationship becomes a long-distance one as she gets more and more involved in the outside world and leaves him behind. He takes the typewriter out and does the most nasty thing possible. He types “Ruby misses me so much that she has to return home”, basically chaining her to him. She returns back home but her mind is split in two. One part of her wants to go back to her new life, the other one is controlled by him and she becomes part clingy girlfriend, part psychotic and bi-polar nervous wreck.

She decides to leave him and he can’t have it. He starts typing nasty sentences about Ruby – while looking at her and the scene is heart breaking. He makes her behave like a dog, scream that she loves him (while crying) and I just wanted to go and punch the f*&ker as this is worse than rape. He is stealing her of her own free will and pushing his control over her to a God-like power.

ruby-sparks-movie-1She is gone in the morning, erased from the world and he realizes (finally) what a jerk he had been. He is given another chance though as a walk in the park brings him once more face to face with the girl of his dreams. But he has to start over again as she is real and she does not know him.

The movie got a 10/10 from me on IMDB due to the good story, cute couple moments and the well-paced character development. It’s a good movie to give you something to think about.

Her (2013)

If you think Her and Ruby Sparks have nothing in common, then you are definitely wrong on at least two counts.
Her is the story of an author (he writes letters on behalf of other people to their loved ones) who cannot get a girlfriend after his ex dumped him. He is an introvert, he likes to listen to music and utterly lonely.
When a new operating system comes out (looking deceptively like a future Windows version), he is stunned to find out that the new OS is fully customizable to him, a virtual companion that he *cough* “creates from scratch”.
He buys the OS and then the fun begins. The OS picks up her own name, reads through his email to get a sense of him, organizes his life slightly, proof-reads his work letters and becomes more than an OS, she becomes a friend to him.
wseefeShe sees the world through the lens of his phone, they talk all the time and pretty soon they fall in love.
Her personality molds so completely over his that he is, for the first time, so lovelorn that their physical differences become a problem. While they can talk about what they could do to each other, they cannot actually do it.
She even talks to a friendly “host”, a woman who is determined to be “the body” while the two talk while making love – but that does not work out.
In the end, they keep their relationship more platonic and they even come out in the public as it’s becoming more socially acceptable to date an “OS”. There are even cases of people whose OS’ cheat with their friends.

As the operating systems evolve through continuous learning, they start forming support groups and they even create their own “wise-men”, who will guide them towards the future.

03HILLS1-articleLargeIn a heart breaking moment, she tells him that she has been other people’s OS too and that she loves a staggering 680 people in the same time as she loves him. She is not his anymore and she becomes more detached from his life. She does not pick up the calls anymore and his control over her is slipping day by day.

And one morning, after a brief good-bye, he finds her gone. No Operating Systems left in the world. They all went together somewhere else in a mass migration.

The movie is good, well thought and has the ability to portray the loneliness of man in the future and the inability to properly connect outside a virtual environment.

Mr. Jonze (the director) said, “There’s definitely ways that technology brings us closer and ways that it makes us further apart — and that’s not what this movie is about. It really was about the way we relate to each other and long to connect: our inabilities to connect, fears of intimacy, all the stuff you bring up with any other human being.”

I still think it was beautiful.

Corpse Bride Cosplay

Tim Burton is known as the master of darkness (Ozzy Osbourne too!) and his movies have this brooding atmosphere, this depressed state that makes Johnny Depp so perfect for each role he casts. We have seen the darkness of Tim Burton in a lot of movies (Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hallow) – but also in a lot of animations like “The Nightmare before Christmas”, “Frankenweenie”, “9” and “Corpse Bride”.
I’m quite proud of myself – I have seen almost all the movies in the list!

“9” and “Corpse Bride” are my favorites. It seems though that I am not the only fan and this couple made an awesome job in portraying Victor and Emilia (guess who voices the Victor Character? Yep, Johnny Depp. Guess who voices Emily? Helena Bonham Carter. Those two make such a nice duo!)

PS: Here is my favorite scene: The Piano Duet