Bad Grandpa. Dirty Grandpa. Stop it already!

There seems to be an increase in movies where A-list celebrities go senile in their old-age and accept to do C-rated movies to get a few pennies in the bank. Adam Sandler does it every year. Meryl Streep played an ageing mother with a Rock Star twist in Ricki and the Flash.  Morgan Freeman did it too with that shitty “Last Vegas“. He and his friends were disgusting! Seeing them slobber all over young females made my stomach turn then and it does now.
Robert de Niro was in that one too… and he also decided to play in “Dirty Grandpa”. What the hell? Seriously? He was so good in The Intern, playing an ageing pensionner trying to go back into the business field to find out that the world had changed. He was even good in “Joy” as the paternal figure. He kinda sucked in “The Big Wedding” but it wasn’t as bad as this.
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